Finding Export Markets

We help Canadian companies market their products on the global stage by connecting with foreign buyers around the world and brokering contracts for their products.


We are experienced project management professionals, with extensive international supply chain, contract and risk management backgrounds. We understand the rules and regulations for each market.

Connections and Network

We are affiliated with an established global craft beer import agency. We have strong relationships with importers and key industry players. We know beer and beer people.


Where to start?

Understanding target markets, political environment, export rules and regulations, logistics, tariff and non-tariff barriers take time and effort.

Why most breweries fail to export?

Most breweries do not have internal resources with exporting experience, a dedicated team to explore new markets and execute the work, or access to a global network.

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How does this impact you?

Learning by trial and error is slow. It's inefficient. It's costly.

Why waste your time and resources?

We guide you through the exporting maze.